Natural Tips For Baby Skin Care

Baby Skin Care

When a new baby is born, his skin is soft, delicate as well as precious. As becoming parents, we all want to do anything to protect our baby’s skin. However, recently, there are many conventional baby care products that can be loaded with ingredients which should not be suitable for baby’s skin.

Great news is there are lots of different ways to help take good care of baby’s skin without demanding for any skin care products. When your baby gets started to grow up, let’s take a closer look at these simple but useful tips to keep his skin pampered as well as feeling good

Rethink bath time

It is so good that you take bath time for your baby skin as part of nightly ritual. However, you do not need to frequently bathe the baby more than two times per week. The rest of your time, along with sponge baths in the mouth, skin folds (on the armpits, double chins and thighs) and diaper area is going to do the trick.

Apart from that, lathering him up is not necessary. You can opt for a mild liquid cleanser that does not make the skin of your baby dry out or sting his eyes.

Do remember to keep bubble baths and bar soap away from your baby. Follow the safety instruction such as supporting his head and examining on the water’s temperature using the inside of your wrist. Gather the supplement before getting started and you are not allowed to leave the baby while he has a shower. Baby cribs is safe to keep to leave the baby

Avoid the sun

Take a note that when you want to take your baby to somewhere in the daytimes, grab the following items in order to cover as well as protect his skin.

  • Sunglasses followed by UV protection
  • A hat
  • Woven clothing with long pants and sleeves

In case your baby is under 6 months old, it is highly recommended to prevent him from the direct sunlight as much as you can. When taking him outsides, you had better rub sunscreen over some small areas that can be difficult to cover with clothes like the hands and face. Be carefully with his eyes before the application. And do not take the baby outsides between 10 am to 4pm because it is the raging time that the sun is the strongest.

Sunscreen blocks or sticks containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is gentle enough to apply to the skin. Keep applying it to the skin every 3 hours when you see your baby get wet or sweat.


Just like adult’s skin, the baby skin also needs to be moisturized. You can choose a fragrance-free emollient ointment or cream right away after his bath to prevent the dryness. If he suffers from eczema or his skin gets dry when it comes to winter, moisturizing the skin daily can help ease the symptoms and prevent further damaged skin.

Health experts have stated that both ointments as well as cream are more preferable to the lotions, which enable to irritate the baby’s skin.

During the winter, you had better apply heavy moisturizing cream to the baby skin for two times per day.

Baby Scrub

Scrubbing is vital since it can exfoliate dry skin cells and then keep the baby skin staying fair and smooth. You can prepare a homemade scrub my adding rose water, chickpea powder, raw milk to the baby oil. Rub the solution over his skin in a gentle way. This homemade scrub is believed to get rid of unwanted impurities occurring in the baby’s skin. Also, massaging his skin is also important and lavender oil is one of best massage oils that you can take a look.

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