How to choose a best baby stroller for 12-month old baby

best baby stroller

How to choose a best baby stroller for 12-month old baby

Every parent will feel a natural urge to prepare and provide the best things from a rubber duck to a stroller for their baby. A stroller is for making it easier to transport the baby during your walk. Instead of carrying your child on your arms or hips, a stroller is the best choice to carry your baby. More importantly, the stroller makes it much more convenient for parents in daily activities and provides the safety and soothing for your baby as well.

When your child is about 12 – month old, he/she will need a suitable stroller to support him/her in sitting upright. Therefore, the stroller should be roomy, adjustable to offer various positions to support your growing child. Without checking carefully and considering those important factors, you may choose an inappropriate Best baby Stroller for your child. Here are several tips that you should take into account when you are going to select the most proper stroller for your baby.

  1. Safety

Needless to say, the first priority of choosing anything for your kids is its safety. You need to make sure all the stroller’s frame are right into their proper positions without any difficulties because these frame are defences to prevent accidental collapses while carrying a baby. Check all the frames for the sharp edges because the infant’s fingers or toes can get stuck between those metal parts and cause severe damage. Or else, you are recommended to choose a stroller that is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to make sure it meets safety standards.

  1. Harnesses

Another safety factor that you need to examine and ensure that it works properly is the 5 – point harness which protect the child’s waist, legs and shoulders. You should choose the one that is easy to open but it is secure for the baby.

  1. Adjustable seat

An adjustable seat is certainly significant for your baby when he/she is sitting upright. The seat that can recline to a flat position is highly recommended since it can support the baby while napping. Examine the seat recline mechanism to ensure that it works smoothly and properly before you make the decision.

  1. Brakes

You need to ensure that the brakes operate well even though you are wearing slippers. You should check whether the brakes lock right when you engage them or not and you should choose the stroller that provides the hand brakes as well as the foot brakes to ensure that both can be used properly during your jogging.

  1. Handle height

Handle height is also important factor when it comes to choose the suitable stroller for your child therefore, it is recommended that handles at the waist or a bit lower should be the most appropriate level for your baby. In case, the stroller is designed for average woman and you do not fit that description, you may choose the stroller with adjustable handles which enables you to have a more comfortable walking with your baby.

  1. Canopy

Canopy is the adjustable shade on the top of the stroller that give your child protection from sunshine, rain or wind. It is made for ensuring your child is safe from that natural season. Moreover, those canopies with fabric which provide your child UV protection are the best strollers to be used for a sunny walk. So you should choose them too.

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