Dads and Strollers – Basics for Men

Moms are the ones most people imagine as being the ones pushing the stroller, and because of this, most strollers are designed for women. Men, being taller, may find it difficult to push a baby stroller easily. Attachments to make the handles taller to accommodate a man’s taller height can help a great deal, if your stroller doesn’t have adjustable handles.

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If you’re the Mom and you’d like your husband to help out by pushing the stroller every once in a while, but you think he might be too ‘manly’ for the job, shop for strollers and accessories such as diaper bags that are dark colors, such as deep purple or rich burgundy if you have a daughter instead of bright florals or hot pinks. You can always dress her as girly as you like. This applies to both business executives and those men who fit in better with the jock mentality, and all the other manly types in between.

Before you turn the stroller over to the man in your family, make sure he knows the basics, such as wheel locks on both the back and front, and also how to release them. Show him how to get the diaper bag in and out of the storage space. If it’s a cooler day and your baby or toddler needs a blanket, remind him that he needs to make sure that the blanket doesn’t slip out and get tangled in the wheels. The same goes for toys and bottles. Explain any tricky parts or glitches that your stroller has.

Go over how he needs to strap baby in, and how to be careful to not snap his fingers, or baby’s stomach, in the harness’s clasp. Make sure he can manipulate the tray, if required, to get baby in and out easily. Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Your job is to build his confidence, so be patient, and also happy that he is willing to take an active role in taking care of your baby or toddler. Being overly critical of his handling may backfire on you and give him an excuse to not want to help out with stroller duty.

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